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Starting from September 2022, we will ONLY have Memberships with 10 months engagement,  like in gyms for example. Every 7th of the month you will be charged the amount of the membership. I am doing it because I want to have more progress with you, create shows, videos and see your engagement ! :) I am reducing the hour price in exchange for your engagement. First Week is TRIAL. So you can cancel your membership in case you don’t like it !


60 €/ month for 4 hours

(so around 15 euros/hour )

Unlimited Membership

If you want to do ALL style, 

Price is 160 €/month for more than 34 hours

Heels & Bachata 

Lady Style

 80 €/month for 6 hours

(so around 13 euros/hour )


65 €/ month for 5 hours

(so around 13 euros/hour )

2 Styles

If you want to do 2 Styles, the price is: 120€/ per month

*During the classes now we will also do muscles reinforcement, stretching and you get 10% off all the events I organize (including Retreats).

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